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Let yourself be inspired to pursue your dreams and follow your hearts desires from flow and intuition.

Dutch & english editions.

Online mini course / Online retreat


What holds you back, from living the life you truly want?

In this mini course, you're gonna dive into your own inner world to discover what you truly desire and want in your life and/or if you know this already, figure out what is that, that holds you back from living this life right now!


In 2 dayparts you're gonna learn about your identity, your believes, your wants and our blockages. A kickstart to the life you always dreamed of. 

Are you going to sit and wait around for something magically to change? Or are you going to take the steering wheel and máke the change?



Max 25 participants
2 dayparts
Online via zoom
1 masterclass & 1 inspiration session
2 Meditations
Journal prompts/Deep dive assignments
Sharing circle
Live Q&A


 Identity and believes

 Underneath the fear

 My true desires

 Action & planning


Dates & time

Nederlandse editie:  

Daypart 1: 
13 September 2022 from 18:00 to max 22:00

Daypart 2:
20 September from 18:00 to max 22:00
(Block both dates in your calender!)

English edition

Information will follow later


About your host

Jip believes in the vulnerable yet powerful energy of women, in every form and state of being. Women have an inexhaustible source of feminine energy and there is no such thing as a 'not' powerful woman on this planet. With her work she tries to remind as many women as possible of this. She wants to empower them by reconnecting them with their life energy and intuition and take good care of their female body. The Feminine is all about living from the heart, so she coaches women to dive in this inspiring energy and follow where their heart leads them. Hopefully she can inspire you with her passions and way of life to get everything out of your own life and power. Because you're worth it!

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